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The European: Brunch Time

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The European
161 Spring St, Melbourne
9654 0811

Since we couldn’t make it to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D  due to that freakish tropical weather on Saturday night, we rescheduled to the Sunday arvo session — another opportunity to eat out! It felt like more of a chore, even though I WAS looking forward to Alice, having to drag my ass out of bed early on a Sunday morning. But the thought of brunch after the movie was motivation enough.

I’ve been to The European for dinner and late night dessert but not for brunch(the meal that is most raved about there). It was a very busy Sunday afternoon when we walked in at 2.30pm but the crowd cleared out soon after.  Sunday brunch is available until 4pm! Breakfast for me is normally scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms, but that day, I had a curiosity to try something I had NEVER EVER tried before — Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Atlantic

Out came a plate of Eggs Atlantic, which is Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of ham. The noise of the restaurant drowned out with my first bite, and all I could hear were the voices of heaven. The hollandaise sauce felt like such a guilty pleasure.  Eggs Atlantic, where have you been all my life!!

I had a taste of my companion’s scrambled eggs and it was a little too soggy for my liking. Wasn’t a fan. But The European still remains one of my staples for quality food and a cozy bistro atmosphere, even though they took my favourite dessert off the menu!! — The Creme Catalana.

Now to the movie — Alice in Wonderland complete with its dark undertones, was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I did read the shocking review from that UK critic who observed that Alice looked like she was on drugs, and Johnny Depp’s Scottish accent kept dropping out. His sheer ignorance amuses me. Did he overlook the fact that it may have been part of the movie? Don’t expect a rendition of Disney’s Alice, because this is a Tim Burton film.

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Written by J.L

8 March, 2010 at 10:16 AM

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