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Hibachi after Bon Odori

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230 King Street, Melbourne
9670 1661

Imagine a bunch of yukata clad youngsters waddling around in the CBD, what a sight to behold in Melbourne — well, I exaggerate.  Only three/nine of us were in the Japanese festive spirit. Our outfits were met with intrigue by passersby and the occasional racial slur. We had just come back from Bon Odori (the Japanese Summer Festival) held at Docklands, which might I add, was relatively mediocre compared to all the Chinese New Year Festivals held around the same time. Fun, nonetheless.

So to cap off the theme of the day, we headed to a quaint little Japanese restaurant I had never heard of called Hibachi. It was befitting for the occasion and budget. The restaurant has two levels, with tables generously spaced. The second level has three adjoining tatami rooms complete with sliding doors — YAY privacy! They normally cater for 6 people per room, but the friendly staff were nice enough to accommodate 9 of us in the one room. If you  are worried about being uncomfortable, don’t fret because they give you a comfortable cushion to rest your toosh on and ample space underneath the table for you to hang you legs. My yukata and I felt at home.

Between three of us, we shared the Hibachi Deluxe Platter, Tempura Moriawase, Pork Gyoza and Agedashi Tofu.  To our amazement, each dish came out generously portioned relative to their price. I’ve been to enough Japanese restaurants now to gauge the portions just from the prices (usually you don’t get much for what you pay HAHA).  The Pork Gyoza came with a side of wakame salad (marinated seaweed/daikon) too!

Deluxe Platter

The Hibachi platter was HUGE! The only gripe we had was the few bones in the sashimi and it wasn’t as fresh as it could be — say compared to Kenzan. The four dishes left us completely satiated and the wallet were smiling too! The staff were all very polite and welcoming. Twas a good night!

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Written by J.L

28 February, 2010 at 5:30 PM

Posted in $$, Melb CBD

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